Your Marketing Must Break Through Pervasive Mistrust

Published on April 18, 2011 by Dr Cathy

The underhanded ways customers have been treated by corporations, banks, investment firms and even the government has led to your prospects being very guarded about new opportunities, products and service. Where my grandfather considered his handshake his bond, lawyers now develop detailed contracts that are often discovered to be legal but not ethical.

The result is your customer being skeptical of almost any offer they see unless referred to you by someone they trust. A referral from a trusted individual quickens the process of establishing trust. Frequently your prospect doesn't come to you be referral. This means you have more work to do.

You Have to Break Through Their Mistrust

It takes time to penetrate the wall of mistrust surrounding your customers. You have to be patient. Don't give up after just a few contacts with them. Realize that their inability to open their wallets to you is nothing personal. You reap the negativity others have sown. If you contributed to the negativity, it will take much more time, if you can succeed at all, in changing someone's negative image of you.

You penetrate the wall of mistrust by giving of yourself. You let them know you are interested in them. Find a way to let them know you want to know their needs and desires... and you want to find a way to fulfill them. Give quality information that demonstrates what you can do and you can help them. This lets them know your primary concern is them.

The quickest way to alienate anyone is to give the impression you are only interested in their money and you don't care what happens after that. You're working to establish a long-term relationship with your customer or client.

This process takes time. Be sure your prospects knows what you can do for them. Most don't care about detailed qualifications. Your qualifications give support to their decision to use your product or service. They are primarily concerned with how your product or service will fulfill their desires and needs. (Did you notice "desires" comes before needs?)

When you do a good job explaining the benefits of buying from you, of using your service or product, they will say, "Hey, he wants to help me. She wants to serve me." That means they are moving closer to finalizing the relationship with you by making a purchase.

Once they know you're ready to give them what they want, then they'll want to know if you have to skill and qualifications to deliver. You explain about yourself clearly, succinctly and without a great deal of flourish.  This is where testimonials help to establish trust. Someone else saying how much he or she gained from your product or service reinforces everything you've stated.

Deliver on What You Promise

Now it's up to you to do what you said you'd do. This is critical. Your prospective customer wants to be reassured. He or she wants to be able to trust you. When you follow through on your commitment to them, you assure them they made a good choice. When you don't follow through, you not only damage your reputation, you form a barrier to their taking a chance on you again. You become a part of the problem and not the solution.

Be patient, do what you say you'll do and be there for your customers. They'll flock to you as long as you let them know where you are.

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