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I Have to Get Some New Friends

Published on November 2, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Have you ever heard the saying that your income is the average of your five (5) closest friends?

Do a short self-test. Think of your five closest friends and their income. Do you fall somewhere in that range?

I was reading Napoleon Hill's "The Law of Success" where I read the "income is the average of your five closest friends" and began evaluating. My results? "I have to get some new friends!"

Don't misunderstand me here. I'm not talking about ditching my old friends. I love them and I'm keeping them around. What I realized is my need for people who were comfortable with having money and know how to get it… not inherit it… have income come to them through their own efforts.

I took some action.             

1. I formed a Master Mind group consisting of people who were ready to take what they do and leverage it into a net income that is in the seven figures. (How about that for a goal?) Since I was forming the group, I wanted people in it who were willing to follow a particular format. This was the Dan S. Kennedy model outlined in Robert Skrob's book Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing: Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months.

2.  I joined my local chapter of the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC) to be with a larger group of people wanting to do the same thing.

3. I signed up for the Glazer-Kennedy Info Summit which begins  tomorrow. (Actually, this isn't quite true. I was already signed up for the Info-Summit. I made a new internal commitment to it.)

4. Same as above for the AWAI Bootcamp. I was already signed up and I made a new internal commitment. Bootcamp is now over and I'll write another post about what happened there and what will happen as a result of the sessions and the people I met.

Let's talk about Master Mind

As far as I know Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of Master Mind through his book "Think and Grow Rich" which is a distillation of the larger "The Law of Success." Napoleon Hill talked about how Andrew Carnegie earned his multi-millions, which today would be billions. Carnegie surrounded himself with accomplished people who knew what he needed to know to make a success in the steel industry. Carnegie himself didn't have the knowledge and expertise to be successful in the steel industry. He did, however, know how to get that expertise. He met on a weekly basis with people who had the knowledge he didn't have. Carnegie then implemented what he learned.

If your education is sadly lacking in the formation of the steel industry in the United States, fill that gap with some books or, at the minimum, Wikipedia.

My Master Mind group is very small. There are only three of us. However, there are two members that don't meet with us personally. One is Robert Skrob and the other is Dan S. Kennedy. We are using Skrob's book on developing an information marketing business in one year. We will also be delving into Dan Kennedy's marketing methods. (I'm a Gold Member and receive his monthly newsletter which is chock full of direct marketing examples as well as demonstrations of marketing success.)

My Master Mind members have made a commitment to meet once a week when we are in town. (I'm gone for two weeks.) At each meeting we select a task for developing our business. We will hold each other accountable for out stated weekly goals. There is nothing like an accountability partner. I can't wiggle out of my commitment to myself and to the group. They won't let me. If they don't hold my feet to the fire, I need some new members who will.

Do you want to succeed? Do you have a burning desire at what you want to use as your vehicle to success? Find some people who want to succeed at least as much as you do and who are willing to learn what is needed and do what it takes to get there. If someone says they want to "do it," but then make excuses, you need someone else.

You can succeed IF you choose to nurture a burning desire to do so.

OK? All Right, then!

I'll keep you posted on what happens with me along the way. You can be one of my accountability partners.

I have to go. There's a Power Point presentation I need to write for the video I committed to having ready to go in one week.

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