What Your Sales Copy Must Do

Published on March 3, 2011 by Dr Cathy

There is nothing more disheartening than developing a marketing plan, spending quantities of cash and not having anyone respond. I'm always relieved when my own marketing breaks even. Of course I'm jumping for joy when it makes money… especially lots of money.

One reason your marketing fails is not because of your plan, but because your sales copy, those words on the page, stink. They are either boring, confusing or give the wrong message.

You need good sales copy for your marketing plan to be effective. If your message doesn't touch your prospect in some way, your marketing will be for naught. Here are four elements you must always remember about your prospect. Keep these elements in mind no matter what you are doing to market your business.

Your prospect wants to be sure he's not being taken.

Think about yourself in this area. Don't you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely? Don't you want to buy from reputable people, those you feel you can trust? Of course you do. Remember that each prospect wants to be sure he or she is making the correct move giving you their hard earned money. That's why you develop your marketing plan in such a way as to demonstrate you're trustworthy.

Your prospect wants a fair deal.

Everyone looks for the best deal they can get. They want value for their money. Remember that it really isn't all about how much your product or service is. It's about the value. It's less expensive in the long run to buy a $200 rather than $99

product or service if there is greater value in the $200 item. You establish value by showing your future customer the benefits of purchasing from you rather than someone else. This dove tails with the third element.

Your future customer wants the price to be fair.

If she discovers that the $200 item is no different than the $99 one in customer service, guarantee and benefits, she's going to feel that you were unfair to her. You don't want your prospect to feel like a fool. You want her to be a life-long customer. Your desire is for her to be so happy about what she's received she'll do your marketing for you by telling 10 of her friends. If she perceives you as being unfair, and it is all in perception, she'll tell 10 of her friends how you took advantage of her. That will severely damage your reputation.

Your customer never buys just for himself.

You may think he gets that 60 inch television just so he can watch sports feeling like he is in the stadium. That would be short-sighted on your part. He's giving you all that money so he and his buddies can have that experience. He desires to be the hero of his friends. In your marketing, keep in mind that you are enticing him by what others think of him. Use words that touch those deep needs to feel important.

You may not directly address these four elements in all your marketing. You do, however, need to keep them in mind. On a subliminal level they must be present in your sales copy.

Be sure your copy addresses these areas. It's all part of establishing trust with your future customer.

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