Wealth and Happines Are Not Synonymous

Published on April 25, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Would you be surprised or befuddled if I told you that wealth was about what you feel and not what you have?

Think about it for a moment. If you were given 3 options and were told only one of them would make you happy, which would you choose? If you were truly happy, do you think you would feel wealthy?

Of course, the crux of these questions has to do with the definition of wealth. To prepare for writing this article I looked up "wealth" in an on-line dictionary. There are the usual definitions: monetary abundance, an abundance of anything such as nutrients in food. There was an obsolete definition that surprised me… happiness. Is it obsolete because wealth doesn't always mean happiness?

Happiness Comes from Within

Monetary abundance, or abundance of any "thing," is an external. It is something you can have and hold but it is not happiness. In fact, if anything or person external to you brings happiness, you are in danger of losing it. This includes people you love.

Wealth and happiness join together when you have what you want in life. If your greatest desire is to have a warm loving family, the money of Bill Gates without a family would not fulfill you. If your greatest desire was to become wealthy by your own skill, intellect and work, winning the lottery would not bring you the self-satisfaction you seek.

Using that money to provide the means to fulfill your dreams would bring you what you desire, but it is not the money that did it… it's the accomplishment of your dreams.

Your Internal Self Can Block Happiness

If you need external riches to prove to others you are accomplished, you will not find the self-satisfaction you seek. If you need it to prove to yourself you are OK, you may or may not succeed. If you do not believe in yourself, you will not be able to find the inner peace and tranquility you seek.

Be clear about what will bring you the most joy. You may say it is money, but is it really? Ask yourself a deeper question, "What will these riches bring me that result in me being joyful and content?" When you discover what that is, what you are truly seeking, you can move towards it. Your deepest desires may require copious amounts of money to achieve. Then again, it may require you having a job in which you derive deep satisfaction with only a small percentage of the income you thought necessary.

No matter how much money you have, if you have deep satisfaction and are content with life and with yourself, you are wealthy beyond measure.

Think about this in regards to your business. What about your business brings you joy and happiness? Exactly what is it that you need to be happy? Can money provide it? If not, then what will make you the happiest you could imagine?

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