To Be Successful You Must Learn How to Gather Power

Form a "Master Mind" by Gathering Knowledgeable People Around You

Published on September 15, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Whenever you begin a new project, or to move a current one to a different place, you need the assistance of others. You can hire people who have the expertise and knowledge you need. You can't do anything without the aid of others.

When you see people who have made great achievements, you also see their power to get what they want in life. With a powerful machine, such as a jet engine, the power is some form of fuel added to the engine to make it go. With people, the source of their power comes from within and is intangible. In "The Law of Success," Napoleon Hill defines power as "organized energy or effort."

Every man or woman who is seen as a powerful individual does not accomplish things solely on his or her own. Everyone needs a group of people, a team, to move forward to accomplishment. When Napoleon Hill talks about "organized energy or effort," he is referring to a Master Mind Group.

No One Is Alone

Many people of accomplishment will say they are fiercely independent. The truth is that they are inter-dependent. They do need other people to assist them, be it a personal assistant, housekeeper, cook or someone to manufacture their goods. When they say they are independent thinkers, what they probably mean is that they are not unduly swayed by the opinions of others. This does not mean, however, they never gather information or get advice from others. No, they learn and listen and then make their best decision no matter what others may think of them or their choice.

The Power of Master Mind

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men in the world in the early 20th Century, surrounded himself with a team of advisors. These men were masters at what they did; hence, the term "Master Mind." Each person was carefully selected for their knowledge and skills in a particular area. These individuals knew the facts, had them organized in their minds, and knew how to implement their knowledge. These were people who were self-confident and trustworthy. These Master Mind members were not subject to Carnegie's will. They were all equal members of this group and were all equally served by the group as a whole. In fact, you could say that the Master Mind was an individual energy itself and was stronger than any one group member.

Surround Yourself with Power

If you truly want to accomplish your goal you must have a core group of people who assist you. Who surrounds you in your daily life? Are the people in your inner circle supportive of your goals and direction? Do they have a positive temperament and attitude? Are they committed to their own goals? If the people you spend most of your day with are filled with negativity, their low energy will deplete you. If your closest associates always make excuses about their lack of accomplishment, or attempt to dissuade you from your dreams, then you will have a difficult time being successful.

In group dynamic theory regarding group therapy, there is a saying that the group is only as healthy as the unhealthiest member. This is true regarding those you choose to surround you. If one person is continually negative, the whole group is pulled down. If the group is pulled down, then you are pulled down. Negativity saps the energy you need to succeed.

When you are looking for team members to support you in your business, you not only want those with characteristics already mentioned, you also want them to be knowledgeable and skilled in the areas you need knowledge and skill. You don't want a group of people who have the same skills. That won't supply you with the wealth of knowledge you need for success.

You need power to achieve your goals. Gain that power by surrounding yourself with people who are powerful in their own right. Be sure they have the personal characteristics you want with you every day, and select people who have the skills you need.

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