Three Questions Before Developing Your Initial Marketing Plan

Published on May 3, 2011 by Dr Cathy

New business owners have a tendency to get an idea for the product or service they'd like to offer, set up a wed site or storefront, and wait for people to find them. If you have an excellent location, someone might wander into your store by chance. On the web, you'll just be twiddling your thumbs if you do nothing but wait. Before you set up anything, web site or storefront, lay some mental and emotional groundwork as a preliminary for developing your marketing plan.

Why do you want to sell your product or service?

This "why" question is crucial. You might want to say it's to make money. Yes, that's true, but why that product or that service? What attracted you to this particular means of making money? What were the benefits of this choice over another possible choice? Be sure you have an interest in what you will be doing. You want this to be fun so you are enjoying yourself while bringing in the dollars.

Who will buy what you have to offer?

This is just as crucial as the "why" question. Fine tune your marketing plan to those who will have an interest in what you have to offer. If you say "everyone," you need to narrow your prospects down some. What segment of "everyone" will you sell to? You'll have a different plan to sell to baby boomers than you will to Generation X. Notice the car ads on television. They are beginning to segment their advertising to specific niches.

Why do your prospects want your offering?

This is another important "why" question.  You'll focus your marketing plan on the "whys" involved in their decision. Know why someone would choose your product over another. Why would someone be willing to give you their money and not another person? The answer is about their emotional reason for pulling out their credit card and has little to do with the features of  your offer.

Once you have clear and specific answers to these three questions you'll be ready to develop your marketing plan. You'll know the message you want to deliver and the segment of the population to deliver it to. Then you'll be ready to plan your step-by-step process which includes web site, autoresponder, article marketing, special reports and a direct mail campaign.

Always remember that laying your foundation is fundamental. If you don't have a good foundation the structure of your business will not be able to stand up.

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