The Secret Millionaire at the Glazer-Kennedy Info Summit

James Malinchak Talks about Marketing 


Published on November 5, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Day 1 of the Info-Summit was an intense experience. We began at 8:00 a.m. and ended around 9:00 p.m. Except for the few breaks, information was poured into our heads by a line-up of amazing talented people.

I want to talk about James Malinchak today. Those of you who watched the TV program "The Secret Millionaire" saw him in one of their episodes. He regaled us with a few stories about his experience. When he was first approached to do the episode, he wanted nothing to do with reality television. The producers at ABC had to convince him they wanted to help people, not to belittle or tear anyone down. Once he realized they were telling him the truth, he committed to the show.

Contrary to what you may have read "out there" from people who made comments they knew nothing about, the money he gave out was his money. Each secret millionaire was required to place $100,000 in an escrow account. This is the money he gave to deserving people.

Now, forget about the $100,000 in escrow and the $$$$ he had in the bank to live on at home. For the show he was given an envelope with $44 plus change. Although that's not what he usually lived on, he thought he could do it for a per diem. He then found out that's what he was to live on for the week. All the doubts and questions came in. The experience was truly living in the shoes of one less fortunate that he.

James Malinchak being who he is used his amazing experience to facilitate what he calls "Spider Webbing." This is where you make a deliberate marketing plan relevant to any event. Your plan is to encompass the time before, during an after the occasion. He provided videographers and photographers to make a record of his entire experience. He wrote several books using the Secret Millionaire moniker.

In addition to the various ways he used marketing, he shared with us his more profound takeaways.

For instance, he had to undergo a rigorous background check. Would your business, your life survive a background check? Look at what you do, how you live through the eyes of a journalist. Would you want that displayed for the world to see?

Live in the experience. Although Malinchak planned his marketing thoroughly, he stayed in the experience of event. He lived in the shoes of those who had little to live on. He became friendly with and, in some cases, friends with everyone on the cast and crew. He was touched by the lives of many.

Malinchak also talked about how people would denigrate you and make things up to make you look less. I loved his comment, "The higher up the flag pole you go, the higher your ass hangs out." People will resent your rise to success. They will attempt to put you down, even lie about you. He had a remedy for that: Always take the high road. That goes in line what Mom used to say to us, "Don't lower yourself to their level."

As a marketer, always look at how you can use your experience to market. Do it with thought and consideration. Being aware of others, their time, their feelings. Be a nice person. Treat people as you would have them treat you.  Enjoy yourself.

Take some time right now and look at how you can use your life experiences to market yourself and what you do.

Oh, and John Malinchak emphasized, give to people. Do your part. Don't always have your hand out. You'll get much further that way.

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