The Power of the Special Report for a Bricks and Mortar Business

Published on February 28, 2011 by Dr Cathy
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Your Special Report Attracts Attention

When you're on the internet you'll often see an offer for a special report, teleseminar, e-course or video. The purpose is to entice people to sign up for their autoresponder. You have to give someone an excellent reason to break their own privacy and give you their personal information.

Many people who see their customers or clients in an office don't often have a Special Report. This is a major mistake. Just as those who work primarily from the internet, those of you seeing clients from your office also need to find something to have you stand out from the crowd.

You want something of value, something your prospect says, "Yes, that's exactly what I need."

Offering a Special Report or White Paper is an excellent method to let your customers know about you. The Special Report or White Paper does the following:

1. Attracts customers to you. Think about yourself. If you were in the market for a pearl necklace, where would you more likely go? The store that has given you detailed written information on how to select pearls, ways you can tell high quality pearls from low quality and specific instructions on caring for your pearl jewelry, or some store in the mall.

A special report for a massage therapist let's your future clients know what you have to offer. If you have a specialty, this is where you explain the power of your particular method. You can give detailed information you'd like them to know anyway before they come in. Your special report is a service to them. It prepares them so they may have the best session they can with you.

2. Establishes trust. Your Special Report is the beginning of establishing trust with your prospect. You demonstrate you are knowledgeable in a particular area. Trust is crucial in the buying decision. People need to have some trust in the product or in the provider before they make a purchase.

Staying with the massage therapist, although this applies to anyone in the alternative health field, you want your clients to be as open as possible when they come in for their first visit. The less their resistance, even if they don't know their resistant, the more you can help them.

3. Keeps your name in front of the prospect. When you send someone written information it is more difficult to lose than an email. How often have you forgotten to reply to emails because they were buried under other emails? When someone receives something in the mail, or picks it up at your store front, it is more difficult to lose. Yes, they could just toss it in the trash. If, however, they are interested in your product or service, they will put it somewhere and it will surface again.

I've had more clients than I can count who came in because my business card, special report or other material kept "appearing."

4. A sales letter disguised as information. Your Special Report will be informative. It will contain information your prospect needs to know. It is also a low-keyed sales letter. You want to guide your prospect to making a decision for you. You want to have what is called a call to action. Within your special report can be an offer for a limited time offer. If there isn't a deadline people think something is always available. You want them to come in now.

5. The beginning of a relationship. Your special report is followed up with other material. You want to continue keeping your name in front of them. People's lives are busy and prospects forget about you easily. You want a focused plan to let them know you're ready and available to help you.

Every business needs something to attract prospects to it. A focused and integrated marketing plan is needed if you want your business to grow. A Special Report is an excellent means to begin this growth. You then follow it up with other informative material that continues deepening the trust you have begun with your special report.

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