The Power and Versatility of Article Marketing

Only 400 words to make attract attention.

Published on May 17, 2011 by Dr Cathy

When you are just beginning your internet marketing, and don't have money for pay per click or banner ads, you can drive traffic to your site through article marketing. If you enjoy writing, you'll find short pithy articles an avenue to multiple uses. If you're not someone who enjoys writing or finds it difficult to put words on paper, article marketing is only 400 words. If you still can't or don't want to write 400 words, you can hire someone.

If you find writing difficult

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Remind yourself that the article doesn't have to be long. An article distribution site, such as, requires only 250 words to be eligible for their services. My recommendation is at least 400 words so you can include substantive information.
  2. Put down as many questions as you can that people ask about your product or service. These will provide the themes for your article.
  3. Under each question list bullet points that answer the question. These bullet points do not need to be sentences. That comes later.
  4. Once you have the bullet points, put them in a logical order. If there isn't a particular order, you're set to go.
  5. Write an introductory 2-5 sentence paragraph.
  6. Make sentences out of your bullet points. Add a few adjectives and a verb. Imagine you're talking to a friend or customer and record the explanation in the words you would tell someone.
  7. Write a 2-5 sentence closing. I must admit I don't always write a closing when I believe I already have enough information.
  8. Check for grammar and punctuation.
  9. Let your masterpiece sit until the next day and read it again making any changes that jump out at you.

For those who have no problem writing

You may not need any tips in the writing process, so let me give you a few suggestions on how you can use your articles.

Have a plan in mind so you can gather your articles together in logical order to produce chapters in a book. Once you have them in order you can edit for coherency. You may make changes in wording since you don't have to worry about keywords.

Bring topics together for special reports to either sell or entice people to sign-up for your web site.

Modify for blog posts.

Since I enjoy writing, I find article marketing great fun. I'm getting ready to gather topics together as the basis of a couple of books. You can do the same.

As you begin to write articles, you'll notice that ideas pop into your head as you're reading or going about your work. Have something with you to jot down your ideas. This keeps you from having to face an empty page when you begin writing.

And, have fun.

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