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Published on October 10, 2011 by Dr Cathy

  Article writing is a great way to get backlinks to your web site. If you like to write, you can satisfy that writing urge and market your business or web site with  only the cost of your time. Depending upon how much your time is worth per  hour, writing articles can be expensive or cheap. If your time is worth more than  it would hire you to write articles, and you don't like to write, do yourself a favor  and hire someone. You'll find you'll get much more done, and with greater  enjoyment, if you do what is fun and outsource what is a drudgery and painful. I  enjoy writing and sharing what I know. Article writing is one of my favorite ways  to market because of my enjoyment.

That's a rather long introduction to the topic of writing for is the article marketing source I use. There are a number of  good sources to get your articles distributed, but I've only used I do plan on using other article distribution sites, but right  now, I'm staying here. Why? Basically because it's easy. I know how to work with  them. I have close to 550 articles published through them and, now the real  reason, finding other article distributors and submitting my articles to them is not the priority right now.

The Highs of

This crew is probably the #1 article distribution site. They began in November of 1999 and claim to have hundreds of thousands of articles published multiple times on the web. I don't doubt that at all. You can find an article on anything and probably from almost anywhere in the world. Your quality article is available for other people, blogs, web sites, newsletters with the agreement that they will publish your resource (signature) box with the link to your web site. Unless you just want your words in cyber space, be sure and put a link in the resource box so people can follow your link to your web site. Once your article is published, you have a backlink which, by the way, Google just loves. Someone else picks up your article and you have another backlink.

The Lows for Writing for

Did I happen to mention that every article submitted is read twice by a live human being… not a working computer or software, a real live person. This ensures the quality of the articles submitted. This "high" of the personal double review is also the "low."  By the way, it's not a low for them. It's a low for you… for me this week. has certain guidelines, also known as rules, every author needs to follow. These are pretty straight forward and they are posted on their web site. There are other things that aren't posted because they can't necessarily tell you what they are, but they know it when they see it. I had a little discussion with one of their reviewers about my article on a technique for learning copywriting. (The article is posted or will be posted on this blog, as are most of my articles for Oh, did I mention you can use your articles for your blog?)

Why didn't the reviewer like my article? She said I was advocating plagiarism. I told her she was taking what I said out of context. The title of the article was about a learning technique. Her reply was that when she re-read the article she could see it in that context, and she noted that I had said not to plagiarize, she still wanted me to put more verbiage about avoiding plagiarizing. She said people may take my words "to copy" literally. I didn't debate with her that I was telling them to literally copy word for word to learn and she was the one who wasn't taking it literally. I just made the changes she wanted, the article was re-submitted and then approved and published.

Everyone has biases when they read and write. The reviewer of my article has probably been instructed to be on the look-out for plagiarism and for any article that may be advocating something illegal or unethical. Because this was in her mind, she took what I wrote out of my context and put it in her context. The positive is that an email conversation took care of the situation and all worked out fine.

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