From Marketing Plan to Copywriting to Implementation... to Increasing Your Client Base

The basic elements of your initial marketing plan

Few people develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Without a plan your marketing is sporadic and you have difficulty attracting new clients and keeping the ones that have come to you. The first thing you need to do is evaluate where you are and decide where you want to go. Once the plan is in place we begin implementing it.

Whether you've been in business a while or just getting started, I can supply the words and message that will develop trust between you and your prospects, customers or clients. The more someone trusts you the more she or he is ready and willing to do business with you.

Your relationship with your prospective clients or customers begins as any relationship... with an introduction of some kind. You then foster that relationship with regular intermittent contact... just enough to let them know they are important to you and not so much you're a pest.

If you're good with a video camera, you might make your introduction through Youtube. If you're not using video, article marketing is a great way to begin.

Once you introduce yourself through a video or article, you want to have something of quality you can offer them in exchange for their name and email address. This would be your Special Report or White Paper that they can get on your Landing or Squeeze Page.

You continue nurturing that relationship with regular messages to their in-box or regular blog posts. As the relationship develops and their trust of you grows, they'll take a longer and more thoughtful look at your product or service. The "Buy Now" button gets clicked.

Below are some of the basic services I offer as part of an integrated marketing plan.

+Initial Diagnostic Day with the Marketing Doctor


If you're like most people, you're just too immersed in your business to have clarity about your marketing needs. Plus, I bet you either are or were much like me.

When I began my psychotherapy practice all I wanted to do was help people. I really didn't want to be bothered with the mechanics of the business side of what I did. But I did need to eat. I did want to have a nice place to live. I wanted funds to travel.

I had to learn how to grow my business. I know what it's like to be befuddled about what to do to attract clients. So I began learning and I began implementing. One thing I learned about myself is that I didn't have a clear vision about what I wanted my practice to be.

Almost every person in private practice is just like I was. You need to sit down with an objective person who has been where you are and sort somethings out.

  • What is most fun about what you do?
  • What is your goal with your clients?
  • What do you most want your clients to have or to learn?
  • What is your vision of your practice?
  • What inspires you?
  • What blocks you?... and more

After gathering this and other information, we outline your comprehensive marketing plan. We talk about web sites, special reports, autoresponders, blogs and newsletters. Depending upon your personal and professional goals, there are other areas we can develop such as information products, developing scripts for CDs, videos and teleseminars, getting your first book out... and more.

You will leave our initial day together with greater clarity about where you are going than you've ever had before. Within a week I will send to you my "prescription" for implementing your marketing plan.

If you're ready to get started, begin by right clicking on the link and downloading to your desktop the Initial Client Questionnaire.

+Articles Introduce You


Are you ready to be known across the world as an expert in your field?

Do you want Google and the other search engines to find your web site easily?

Do you want your information and web site posted on other people's web sites?

If you want this and more, article marketing is the way to go. It's one of my favorite ways of marketing. In fact, you probably found my site through one of my articles.

What is article marketing?

An article is a focused piece of informative writing between 400 - 800 words long. The article can be longer or shorter, but 400 - 800 words is about right.

The purpose is to peak someone's interest so they want to click on the link in what is called the resource box at the bottom of the article .

What will article marketing do for me?

  • Your article is your 24-hour sales agent. It tells people about you. You can even include information about the benefits of your product or service.
  • Articles will brand you. Let's say you’re a life coach in the area of weight loss. Your articles give focused bits of advice and information to those searching for help in weight loss. The more articles out there, the more your name is in front of your prospects.
  • You are established as an expert. You've heard it said that once you write a book you become an expert. Have a collection of articles on the web and you become an expert. If you have 10 articles that show up when someone searches for "fear of flying," you're seen as the expert.
  • Trust is established. People become familiar with you. When you are giving meaningful information to them, they begin to form a relationship with you. They begin to trust you. Once they trust you they are more likely to sign-up for your newsletter, email you or give you a call.
  • At the bottom of each article is what is known as a resource box. This is where you put your sales message with the call to action that moves them to click on your link and go to your site.
  • When your articles are published on the web, you have links from your resource box back to your web site. These backlinks are very important. The more backlinks you have to your site, the more opportunities the search engines have to find you.
  • New prospects find you. This happens through their personal search results or from the newsletters they read which have your article with resource box posted.
  • So, the article is like a sales letter?

    Only in the sense that you are working to establish a relationship with your prospect. You are developing trust, the necessary prelude to a sale. You can't close the sale if your prospect doesn't trust you.

    Your article is pure information. This is not the place to sell. It's the place to inform. All that information you give to your prospects to establish your products credibility can be displayed 24-hours a day. Your resource box at the bottom of the article is the call to action to get the prospect to your site. You capture their email addresses at your landing page or squeeze page. This puts them in your auto-responder which sends out regular messages to start selling.

    Who is the author of the article?

    You are! You can call me a ghost writer. You're the author and you own it.

    What if I want to change the article you've written?

    It's your article. You're the author and the article belongs wholly to you. You may make any changes you wish.

    Why should I chose you?

    Your article is a reflection of who you are. How do you want people to perceive you? Do want your relationship with your clients to grow due to the emotion in the words of the articles? You need someone who knows human nature and has a way with words to craft such articles. There will be people, in fact many people, who will churn out articles using software substituting a word or phrase here or there, even if it isn't quite appropriate.

    Remember that every article, every word with your name on it is a reflection of the quality of work you do. I will write your articles in such a way as to capture your voice.  It's all up to you and how you want people to see you.

    Let's get started! Right click on the link and download to your desktop your Initial Questionnaire.

    +Special Reports Entice Them


    When you came to this site you had an opportunity to give your email address in exchange for my special report. (If you passed by that opportunity and want another chance, fill out the form on the right.) I used the Special Report as an enticement and exchange for something very precious from you... your contact information.

    When you filled out the form, confirmed your subscription and downloaded the report, you let me know you were interested enough in me and my services to make an effort. You are a now prospect.

    I want to thank you for your information in two ways:

    1) Being sure you have a high quality special report
    2) Giving you high quality information in my continued contacts with you through my blog.

    My Special Report gives you valuable information. It contains so much information that I could offer it for sale. As you read my report you get a feel for me, how I write and my services.

    That's what you want your Special Report to do. You want to attract people to you. You want their contact information. In return you give them something in exchange. You have now introduced yourself and have begun a relationship. Your job is to nurture that relationship.

    How long should my Special Report be?

    Great question! The answer is: as long as it needs to be. You want to adequately cover the topic with good solid information. In the process of doing so you are telling your prospects something about yourself. The content in your report, how it's written and how it's laid out, tells them:

    • Whether you deliver on your promises
    • Whether or not you can be trusted
    • Whether you know what you're talking about
    • Whether or not you have information they want
    • Whether or not they want to learn more from you

    If this can be done in 7 pages, then 7 pages are what you need. If you need 20, take 20. Most of my personal special reports are between 7-20 pages, and that's content copy, not a bunch of empty space. You can get more samples of my Special Reports by going here.

    Is the Special Report necessary?

    You need something to attract people to your site. You have to give them a reason to make the effort to click on your link. You want them to stay there long enough to give you their contact information. There needs to be something that moves them to action. This can be done with a:

    • Special Report
    • Free email course
    • Free video course
    • Free recording
    • Free tele-seminar

    Your Special Report is a wonderful offer and it can be turned into several other forms. You can break it up into an email course or video course. You can even record yourself or someone else reading it. You can also gather some people together and use it for the basis of a teleseminar.

    What do you need to write the Special Report?

    This depends upon how much work you'd like me to do for you.

  • I can take your topic, do the research and write the full high-quality report for you. Of course, your name goes on the report as the author.
  • You can give me the topic, sub-topics and talking points. I'll then put it all together into a high-quality document.
  • You may already have much of your report put together and just need some editing with a few sections added.
  • You may also want me to format or layout your Special Report. I have a fantastic graphic designer I work with who will provide the harmony to my copy. This is an addition service for you if layout is not your forte.
  • Or any combination of above.Let's get started today. Simply right click on the link and save to your desktop. Initial Client Questionnaire.
  • +Autoresponders Nurture the Relationship


    You've probably heard that most people don't buy until they see the information 7 or more times. That's a lot of contact.

    Does that mean your prospect needs to come to your web site 7 or more times? I hope not because they won't unless you continually add new information. You can easily make repeated contact with him as long as you have his name and email address.

    How are you going to provide that continued contact? This is where the autoresponder message comes in. At intervals set by you, a series of carefully written messages arrives in your prospect's in-box.

    Your autoresponder messages:

    1. Provides informative messages at a pre-determined interval set by you
    2. Continues deepening the relationship you began with your Special Report
    3. Reinforces that you are an expert
    4. Gives content your prospects needs and wants
    5. Continues to establish trust with your prospect
    6. Gently returns her to your sales page for another look
    7. Removes the resistance to buying

    You must realize that your autoresponder is a gentle sales message. It's not going to be a flashing light screaming "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

    You will gently guide him to his decision to buy. You want it to be his idea. You provide the message and then gently nudge him back to the sales page. That's where you sell him.

    How many messages do I need?

    How long do you want your prospect to know you're around?

    When I'm working on my own sites, I like to have 10 messages set up in my autoresponder program before I even start sending people to my site to get the special report.

    I tried being lazy about it and just giving them the Special Report. That was a waste of a prospect and my time.

    Relationships take consistent contact to build. You don't want them to forget you. If they don't hear from you regularly, they're likely to feel spammed the next time you contact them. You lose any good feelings you established with your Special Report.

    What's a good interval of messages?

    Day 1: Message 1: Confirmation message
    Day 2: Message 2: Just want to be sure you received your Special Report. Repeat download link.
    Day 4: Message 3 Quality information with the link back to your site.
    Day 6: Message 4 Quality information with link back to your site.
    Day 9: Message 5 Quality information with a harder sales pitch.
    Day 13: Message 6 Quality information linking back to your site.
    Day 18: Message 7 Quality information linking back to your site.
    Day 25: Message 8 Quality information with a harder sales pitch.
    Day 32: Message 9 Quality information linking back to your site.
    Day 39: Message 10 Quality information lining back to your site.

    Continue sending messages weekly.

    What's the topic of each message?

    That depends upon you, your goals and what you want to accomplish.

    There are messages to prospects and then there are messages to those who have already bought. Once someone has become a customer, you know they trust you. Keep nurturing that trust.

    How long is each message?

    As long as it needs to be to accomplish your goal.

    That could be 3-4 paragraphs or 10 or more.

    Whatever the message, you want it to engage your reader so she will read it right now. You want to have here read it all the way to the end and then click on the link back to your sales page … or blog or …

    You do this by continuing to develop your relationship and establishing trust in each message. You want her to know you're interested in her, not just the sale. Then she'll click on the link back to your sales page and hit the "Buy Now" button.

    What does each message include?

    1. An enticing subject line. If they don't open the email, it doesn't matter how good the message is.
    2. The content of the message itself. This is the informative, relationship-developing part.
    3. Call to action. Here you want them to click on your link and go to your sales page, web site, or blog.

    There is no better time than now to get started on outlining your strategic marketing plan. Right click on the link and download to your desktop. Initial Client Questionnaire.

    +Landing and Squeeze Pages: Your Home


    Some people consider these two parts of your lead generation to be the same thing. Others say they are different. To facilitate our communication I'm going to write about them as two different things.

    Squeeze Pages

    This a web page with one purpose and one purpose only… to grab your prospect's name and email address. You may want to ask for his postal address, telephone and fax number while you're at it. Usually the Squeeze Page is short and sweet.

    It's a good idea to test two squeeze pages, one short and the other longer. See which one pulls in the most prospects.

    Your squeeze page is where you send people using the resource box found in your article marketing. This is also where your prospect picks up her free report.

    Once your prospect gives you his or her data, the job of your Squeeze page is complete. You now have the email address and she is in your marketing funnel. Your autoresponder sends your follow-up marketing messages at regular intervals pre-determined by you. These messages will send your prospect to your sales page.

    Why just a short page? Shouldn't I sell something?

    There are varying opinions on this. If you want to sell something as well as gather their contact information you have a landing page (see below).

    Getting their contact information is like finding a rough diamond. All you need to do is polish it through your autoresponder messages. If your prospect turns into a customer, you've just put that polished diamond in a beautiful setting.

    When you have a simple squeeze page, you are asking your prospect one question: Would you like this powerful and valuable free report?

    When the answer is "Yes," you are asking for just one action: fill out the form and click "submit."

    There is little reading. You refer them to your sales letter later. Right now you just want that rough diamond… their contact information.

    How about using a video instead of just copy?

    Many people are going to video. You need to test it with your prospects.

    Personally, I get frustrated with videos, especially those that don't tell me how long they are. I don't have that kind of time and I'll get off the page.

    I wouldn't mind a very short video that says the same thing as the copy on the squeeze page. Some people need to have as many of their senses involved as possible. Video incorporates both the visual and auditory. Copy is just the visual.

    Test it out. This kind of research is a whole other topic and not in the parameters of copywriting, although you will use copywriting for each of your tests.

    Landing Pages

    This is your long copy sales page.

    You send your prospects here from another source. They could be following a link from an article you wrote, a newsletter (electronic or direct postal mail), blog post or other form of lead generation.

    I always have a way to capture their contact information.

    Many who send people to this page from another source (article, blog post, etc.) don't have a way to capture their data. I say never pass up the opportunity… just in case they haven't signed up somewhere else.

    In writing sales copy for the web I always keep in mind how easy it is to leave the page. I have to keep them going from one paragraph to the next to the next right to them making the "Buy" commitment.

    In direct mail there is the chance your prospect will stumble across your mailing again.

    In web copy you're almost guaranteed they won't. That's why the autoresponder is so very important. You want to give them information which is a reminder that you're still around with valuable information … and have a product or service that is just what they need.

    How long is the sales letter on a landing page?

    The how long answer for the web is always the same… as long as it needs to be to achieve your goal.

    Can I use my direct mail copy for my web page copy?

    With some tweaking. There are differences between the two types of copy, not only words, but also in layout, soft closes and links. In postal mail you don’t have to be concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your zip code takes care of that. With writing for the web, SEO is crucial.

    +Blog Entries Build Relationships


    You know what a blog is. You've probably read several of them and maybe even write your own.

    In short, a blog serves the following purposes:

    • Gives additional information about you and your products or services.
    • Solidifies the relationship you've begun.
    • Can be a location for teasers of all your relevant products and services.
    • Provides an additional way for others to find you through search engines.
    • Google loves blogs.

    Your blog is all about relationship. The more you share the more you cement that relationship. Trust is established. The more someone trusts you the more likely he or she is to buy from you.

    The question is, "Do you enjoy writing on your blog?"

    You need to write consistently. If you can't bring yourself to do that, you need to outsource that job to someone else.

    How long do blog posts need to be?

    You want your posts long enough to give good information and short enough to be sure they're read. I'd say about the length of an article, say 400-800 words.

    How often should there be a blog post?

    Once a week is ideal. If it's a seasonal blog, say on pool maintenance, you might post once a week during peak pool times and every 4-6 weeks when the pool isn't in use.

    Do I need both a blog and an autoresponder?

    More and more blogs are replacing autoresponders. Blogs have the most current information. You might want to make your autoresponder specific to a particular product or service.

    Your blog can be more general.

    For instance, you might have several landing pages selling different products or services revolving around one theme. If you are interested in travel, you might have one site specifically for Baby Boomers, another for Honeymooners, still another for International and yet another for car trips around the US.

    Your blog can touch on general travel information that all groups would be interested in. On one of your sidebars you'd have links to your more specific sites.

    You can send out what is called a broadcast message to everyone on your various specific lists. In this message you'd announce your blog entry and send them to your blog. Blogs are another way to continue establishing a trusting relationship.

    How about if I have just a blog and not any sales pages?

    Your blog is not a sales page. It's an information source. If you make all the messages about selling, people will quit coming.

    What you do is give some great information and then you can refer them to a product every three posts or so. You can also have links to sales pages on one of the panels of your blog.

    You can establish a blog and monetize it with affiliate links and Adsense. That is a different topic.

    Get started with your strategic marketing plan today. Right click on the link and download to your desktop. Initial Client Questionnaire.

    +Booklets to Expand the Relationship and Identify Your Buyers


    Booklets are a concise means to distribute information. "Tips" booklets are one of the easiest and most common. "7 Powerful Tips to a Successful Home Business," "5 Tips to Successfully Housetraining Your Dog," "13 Ways to Boost Your Internet Traffic"

    You can have a booklet on your product or services. For example, I could take my services and put them in a booklet entitled, "7 Ways to Attract Prospects without You Having to Write a Word." Hmmm, sounds good. I just might do that.

    Booklets are great to use on-line or put in an envelope to pop into the mail. When used on-line they look like a special report. When used in direct mail they look like, umm, a booklet… and you get their postal address to use for Direct Mail.

    The print version of a booklet is ideal between 16-24 pages. I prefer the 3.5 x 8.5" version that fits easily into a business envelop with a stamp or two. That way you don't have to buy a special size of envelopes. If you are using it as a marketing tool, you might want to make it larger so your prospect can't miss it among all the other people selling their wares.

    Why would I want a print version of a booklet if I'm working on-line?

    If you have a print version, you can ask your prospects for their mailing address. This gives you an additional means of contacting them. If you charge a nominal fee for the booklet you will be able to identify prospects who are buyers.

    Wouldn't that be expensive?

    It would definitely be more expensive than just setting up an auto-responder. The problem is getting and holding your prospects attention on-line. You have just seconds, literally, to keep them from closing your site. In addition, there is so much email, that your message can get lost in their in-box.

    When you have their postal address you have another way to contact them. You have a better chance of getting your message in their hands.

    What makes you more money? A booklet that costs you a couple of bucks to mail out and brings in an eventual sale of $50 or a bunch of emails which never make a sale?

    Couldn't I just sell the booklet?

    You bet you can.

    Let's say you bring your prospect to your site by means of an article with a promise of a free report. They are now in your sales funnel receiving your auto-responder messages or blog posts. After about 5-7 ,messages you offer them your powerful booklet "The 7 Secrets Your Realtor Doesn't Know about Saving Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage." All they have to do is send you $5.00 or more, through PayPal or another source.

    Not only have you made a sale that covers the cost of your booklet and then some, you have also found a

    What else could a booklet do for me?

    You can use them as "Thank you" gifts, bonuses or premiums in your business.

    You can be noticed in the crowd by sending one as a Thanksgiving gift on a topic relevant to your product or service. You establish good will and they return the favor with a purchase using the special coupon you provide in your booklet.

    Let's get started. Right click on the link and download to your desktop. Initial Client Questionnaire.

    +Direct Mail Puts Your Message in Front of Them


    With the internet came easy and cheap. It costs very little to collect leads using the internet. There is just one problem with them. They get lost... or deleted.

    Just yesterday I went through all the newsletters I subscribed to and had 90% of them to go directly to my "trash." The ones I knew I wasn't interested in I simply unsubscribed.

    Let's say they had the foresight to gather my postal mailing address. When they were ready, they could send me a postcard, sales letter or magalog. I'd recognize their name and would probably at least open it. Once I open it, if the headline grabs me, I'll read further. If the lead grabs me, I'll read even further.

    If all they sent me was an email, I wouldn't even see it. It was in my "Trash" folder.

    This is why direct mail is important. It's coming back because it is harder to get rid of which means there is a greater chance that it will be opened.

    Think seriously about a direct mail campaign to go along with your email marketing... at least to your customers. They'll love the personal touch.

    As they say, "There is no time like the present." Right click on the link and down load to your desktop. Initial Client Questionnaire.

    +Books , Information Products and Workshop Manuals


    The more time you spend in the healing and helping profession, the more knowledge and wisdom you have gathered. Wouldn't you like to share that with your clients? Wouldn't you like to attract more clients to you?

    This can be done with books, self-help courses and workshops. Don't worry about having neither the time nor the inclination to write. I love to write and I'm willing to help you. We can discuss this powerful tool for you in our diagnostic interview.

    Begin by right clicking on the link and downloading your Initial Client Questionnaire.

    +Graphic Design, Logos and Graphic Artistry


    I work with some amazing talent to put the final touch on the copy I've written. We can make your copy zing. If you need a header (see mine), logo, book or CD cover I'll hook you up with John Long. If you'd like some snazzy looking business cards or brochures I'll connect you with Melissa Ruggles of Miskalily Design.

    There are many more marketing services I can provide for you. We can discuss them in your initial diagnostic day.

    Let's begin your strategic marketing plan today. Right click on the link and and download to your desktop your Initial Client Questionnaire.

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