+How do I begin working with you?


The first thing you do is fill out the form you can download to your desktop by right clicking here.

The answers to the questions serve three purposes:

  1. Help you clarify exactly what you need.
  2. Saves us time as we work together which saves you money.
  3. I have the information I need to assist you in developing your marketing plan and writing the copy for the elements of the plan you will be implementing.

Go here to download your Initial Client Questionnaire.

+There are a lot of questions. Do you really need to know the answers to all of them?


Every piece of information you give me is vital. True, I may not use it, but I have a more comprehensive picture of you and your business. This will enable us to target your marketing to the best prospects and deliver your message in the way that will turn prospects into buyers.

+I don’t really want a complete marketing plan with all the various services you offer. Is it possible to have you do just one of them?


I'm a mind-body marketing consultant, not just a copywriter. I have found that if you don't have a comprehensive marketing plan and work with just one element, the auto-responder for instance, you are not going to receive the financial return on your investment you would like. That sets us both up for failure. I work to assure as much success as possible.

If you have an established marketing plan with elements already in place, I might consider working with you on only one element. I will still want to review with you your marketing plan, see samples of what you have already done and then move forward from there.

+Would you be willing to review my plan, the work I've already done and tweak it?


Sure, we can talk about that in our diagnostic interview.

+Can you assist me in my direct mail campaign?


You bet! We can put together a comprehensive direct mail campaign from envelopes to postcards to letters to booklets. If you would like a book but don't have the time or the writing ability, I'll be delighted to ghost write it for you.

+Do you do graphic design, logos and layouts?


My team consists of talented graphic designers and artists. We'll get done what you need.

+Do you work with Social Media?


My team consists of someone who is a whizz with social media.

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