Establishing Trust and Differentiating Yourself

Published on May 10, 2011 by Dr Cathy

I want to talk more about trust.

As a marketer you walk a fine line between selling to your prospect and establishing trust. No one will buy from someone he or she doesn't trust. You want to insure your customer does not want to feel like an idiot because she trusted you. As you establish trust, be aware that your prospect is looking for the best and the fairest deal... which doesn't necessarily mean the lowest price. Value is more than what someone pays for the product. Real value comes through intangibles such as trustworthiness.

Establish trust in your marketing materials

The sales copy in your marketing must give the impression you:

  • Are reliable
  • Know what you are doing
  • Care about your customer
  • Have fair prices
  • Stand behind your product or service

Marketing is not just about the product or service. Marketing is first and foremost about your prospect's comfort level with you. The sales copy in your marketing program needs to address the underlying fear of being scammed that your prospect has consciously or subconsciously.

Ways to establish trust

I'm sure you've heard that most people must see material about 7 times before the typical person becomes a customer. True, there are those who are buyers, but most people are reluctant to unclench their fists and let you have their hard earned cash. The more they see your name or that of your product or service, the more comfortable they become.

In addition to establishing trust, if you want to turn prospects into customers, you have to put yourself in front of your target audience. You can do this through:

  • Special Reports
  • Auto-responders
  • A consistent direct mail campaign

Each individual communication with your prospects should have one specific message. This means that each communication can address one benefit of why working with you provides honest, reliable service allowing him to make the best use of your product or service.

Identify how you are different

You and I both know there really isn't anything new. Yes, you may think you have a different perspective, but someone else will be able to point out similarities to someone or something else. You have to make yourself different. This is what your marketing material should do.

Find ways to let people know you are different... and trustworthy.

If you sell the same widget just like five other people on your block, how can you make yours special? Sometimes it's all in presentation. I know of a plumber who makes his first call to a customer in a suite. He then does the evaluation, gives the estimate, informs his customer what they can expect and seals the deal. He then goes back to his truck and changes into his work cloths. This presents him as more than someone who can do any plumbing job. He presents himself as a professional a cut or two above your regular plumber. He engenders trust.

Think of qualities or benefits you look for that give you assurance. Incorporate those in your own marketing material. Find creative ways to demonstrate them to your prospects keeping in mind that you want them to know they can trust you.

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