Copywriting is Part of Marketing

Published on March 11, 2011 by Dr Cathy

Many small business owners have the mistaken notion that copywriting and

Marketing Helps You Stand Out

Marketing Helps You Stand Out

marketing are two separate skills that are only tangentially related. That can be a business killing misunderstanding. Copywriting is the meat on the bones of your overall marketing plan. If you don't integrate copywriting within your plan you are doing nothing more than randomly putting your information out there without knowing where or how to place it.

What is copywriting

For the business neophytes, copywriting is the process of developing the words in your sales material. The words are called copy which you write. (I didn't know this when I first began learning about marketing.) You want to fashion your sales message in such a way that people are grabbed by it and want to find out more. You want them to click on your URL or walk into your storefront. How you write the words draws them to you.

For instance, if you are now selling Xtreme widgets, you want people to learn about them. You could just say, "I have these really nifty Xtreme widgets which are 10 times better than the old widgets. Come on in and get one." Yawn.

How about, "For the next week, at 50% off, you can get the one and only widget you need to attract the richest and best looking guy or gal just begging to live their life with you. Get here right now because when they're gone, they're gone!"

When you're selling a service, you use your copywriting to set you apart from the others. For instance, if you are a psychotherapist, you could list your qualifications and what you specialize in. That's what most do. You want to put out there what you can help your prospect obtain.

Most therapists might say, "I specialize in relieving anxiety." Notice the key word your prospect will focus on is "anxiety." How about, "I specialize in bringing peace of mind and happiness as you release your fears and anxieties." Here the focus in "peace of mind and happiness."

A good copywriter can make all the difference in whether or not your prospect stops at your message because of its promise to her, or ignores it because it is the same as all the others.

What is marketing

Please, eliminate the notion that the Super Bowl commercials are marketing. Neither is television advertising. They are advertising with no real goal other than name recognition. I'm not discounting name recognition, but if you're name's not Coke or Hilton, no one is going to know who you are.

You need a marketing plan to get your name out there. Most people need to see your message at least 7 times before they are willing to spend their time even checking you out. For instance, a strategic direct marketing plan incorporates a specific series of mailings with a particular purpose. If you put each piece next to the other you would see how they build on the other. You would have done previous research to know who these mailings would go to. You're not going to spend your money sending an advertisement for carpet cleaning to a neighborhood that is barely able to feed their family.

The same is true for internet marketing.

You first need your marketing plan. Once you have that situated, then you decide upon the message you want to give. Next is the copywriting which fashions your message in a customer attracting way. The two go hand-in-hand. If you have one without the other you're driving a car with a flat tireā€¦ maybe even a missing tire.

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