Become a Marketing Star by Honing Your Intuition

Following Your Gut Is Crucial... But You Have to Fine-Tune It

Published on May 12, 2011 by Dr Cathy

There are numerous specifics about marketing.You develop a plan, write your copy and set it all in motion. As you learn about direct marketing you discover there is a difference in response rate depending upon the envelop you use, the stamps you put on that envelope, how it's addressed and more. These are tangibles you can learn through study.

There is also an intangible in marketing and copywriting. The intangible is your intuition. Sometimes you just "know" what will work and when it will work. How does that happen? Your intuition or "gut" is active.

What is your intuition and how can you fine-tune it?

Intuition is a part of you that is running in the background all the time. Your conscious mind can only process a small portion of what is around you. Your other than conscious mind, often called subconscious mind, processes huge quantities of data. This information is often transmitted to you through your intuition.

Imagine standing at a beautiful little creek. The water running through that creek is the amount of information your conscious mind processes. Now imagine standing next to a raging river, the Colorado, as it barrels on its way. This is the amount of information your sub-conscious mind is processing.

When Your Intuition Is Working

Your intuition is in action when you have those little niggling thoughts that say, "I've forgotten something" or "Something's not quite right here." You might also just "feel" you should buy this product and not the other. Your other than conscious mind has gathered information from around you, processed it and made them ready for you... if you listen to it.

If you're like me you've learned that ignoring those little ticklers you receive can be disastrous. You may not be able to explain it, but you just "know" something is right or wrong.

How to Access Your Intuition

Most people ignore their intuition because people often make fun of it. Guys frequently don't want to have anything to do with "women's intuition." Then listen to your gut. It gives you the same information and sounds more "manly" for you men out there.

Learning to listen to the knowledge and wisdom you don't know you know is important. Here's a simple strategy anyone can use.

  1. Pay attention. When you have that "little feeling" that says something is not right, STOP. (And, yes, I'm yelling at you.) So often you plow right through your day because you have to get something done and you ignore these powerful messages.
  2. Get quiet. You can't listen to your inner knowing if you are yelling over it. Take a moment to be quiet. Sometimes the only space you have to yourself is on the toilet or in the shower. Take it. No radio, no television, no cell phone. Just be quiet.
  3. Ask for information. Begin by asking yourself a simple question. "What do I need to know about my day that I'm not paying attention to?" Just put the question out there. Take a few deep breaths.
  4. Listen. The answer to your question is often a quiet word, phrase, picture or impression. Rarely does it yell at you, especially if you haven't been paying attention. Whatever comes, pay attention to it.
  5. Write it down. When you write down your impressions you have a record of what comes to you. Read them again at the end of the day and notice how the information you received applied to your day.

Your Intuition Will Become Stronger

The more you pay attention to and use your intuition, the stronger it becomes. It's always there. You will learn when that deep hidden part of yourself is attempting to speak to you. It will become a friend who whispers little secrets to you that will make your day go easier. All you have to do is use it.

You'll find that things get easier. You'll be able to fine-tune your plan, make quicker decisions and avoid pitfalls.

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