If you are ready to grow your business... and are in the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic or alternative health fields… it's important you read this entire page.

You need to work the business side of your business if you want to continue helping people.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Cathy Chapman your strategic marketing consultant, copywriter and business life coach. I specialize in the mind-body health market. If your product or service is in the area of mental, emotional, spiritual and alternative health, I'm perfectly suited for your needs.

Let me tell you why.

Did you know that writing sales copy and marketing is similar to psychotherapy?

I should know. I've been a therapist for 34+ years and I'm also a copywriter and marketer.

Let me show you the similarities…

A therapist needs to do five things to assist the client:

  1. Establish trust
  2. Find a way to move past the client's long-held beliefs and resistance to change
  3. Assist in discovering what the client needs to move to health and happiness
  4. Convince her to actually do what is needed
  5. Convince him to keep doing it

A copywriter and marketer must do essentially the same things. Where the therapist speaks for herself, the copywriter speaks for you, the business owner.

There must be trust. People aren't going to buy your product or service if they don't believe you're trustworthy. The words you use in your marketing must demonstrate you are trustworthy.

Open the prospect to other solutions. As your prospect reads your sales material, what you say must demonstrate that your product or service will solve their problems.

Demonstrate the product or service will work for your prospect. Your advertising must convince the prospect that of all the available products and services, yours is what will work for him or her.

The prospect buys the product or service. Finally, the prospect is convinced to let go of hard-earned cash for the product or service that he now believes will enrich his life. She chooses to forgo something else and buy your product or service instead.

The new customer buys again. The easiest person to sell your product or service is the one who has already bought and is satisfied with the purchase. You simply continue selling to them.

I incorporate my years of knowledge and expertise in human nature and mind-body health in my copywriting and marketing. Before I began writing copy for folks like yourself, I'd been writing my own sales letters, web sites, Special Reports, newsletters, articles, booklets and autoresponders to build my own psychotherapy and seminar business.

I've Studied With The Best

When I made the decision to refocus my life, I began studying copywriting with AWAI, the flagship organization for training new copywriters. I've also studied the work of Joe Vitale, John Carlton, John Caples, Clayton Makepeace, Michael Masterson, Nick Usborne and whoever I could and can get my hands on. My studying is a continual and delightful process.

In addition I've studied marketing under Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Terry Duff and Gino Niccoli. I use their principles and strategies to market my own businesses. I bring that knowledge  and experience to you.

As an expert in human nature, I fine tune your sales message to your advantage. You have a product or service you know will help people. I want to give you the tools to let your prospects know about you.

There are four ways I help you in moving forward in your business.

First, identify the message. I'm not talking about the words. What is the purpose of your product or service? How will people's lives be better by giving you their money? I'll help you refine your message so your prospects know what they receive and how they'll be helped by working with you. They'll also learn why they can trust you and how to become your customer. I do this by appealing to the whole person.

  • Emotionally. Your message relieves fears and gives hope. You will show your prospect how you can eliminate their pain be it financial insecurity, shame, anxiety, self-esteem or lack of knowledge.
  • Mentally. Your message must make sense to them. It must answer questions about how you work, what will happen and the secrets behind what you do. You must also anticipate their objections and answer them in your sales message.
  • Deep Inner Values. Your message will tap into that part of your prospect that is difficult to describe, but is about love, reverence, honor, respect and what can be called spiritual values... even if your prospect isn't aware of these values.
  • Physically. Here you address the physical concerns of your prospect: finances, transportation, housing, food, security and the physical body. These are the concrete parts of your message.

Think about how these four areas relate to you. Don't you want:

  • The pride and self-confidence that comes from fulfilling your goals?
  • The knowledge that allows you to replicate what you do for continued success?
  • The personal satisfaction of your product or service helping others?
  • The peace of mind that comes from financial security?
  • All the financial benefits that come from success?

Second, how to get that message out. There are numerous ways to tell people about what you have to offer them. I offer a comprehensive package of copywriting services. We will work together to outline a plan involving these various forms of marketing. They are:

  • Special Reports
  • Landing and Squeeze Pages
  • Article Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Booklets
  • Direct Mail

You need a comprehensive and integrated process to acquire prospects and turn them into customers. You also want to hold onto them for, well, as long as you're in business. One shot wonders don't work here. I've learned that from difficult personal experience.

Third, the words for the message. You may have the most fantastic product or service, but if the words don't entice your prospect to read the message… and keep on reading… no one will ever learn about you. You need the words that move people from opening your message to investing in your product or service... and buying again.

I'm on your team. We'll work together, you and I. You don't have to be hanging out there alone working this out. I'll be there with you. I'll work with you to develop a message that applies to your prospect on the mental, emotional and physical levels relevant to what you are selling.

And… if you find you are procrastinating and sabotaging yourself… as we all do at times… you have my expertise as a personal and life coach to assist you in finding and clearing the sabotaging beliefs that block your path to success and riches.

With me, you get a total consulting package: marketer, copywriter and success coach.

If you're ready, let's get started. Please right click on the link and save to your desktop.  Initial Client Questionnaire.

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