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You do wonders with your clients. Now it’s time to be a business success with targeted messages delivered through your integrated marketing plan.

You are one of three types of people:

  1. The yearning to be free entrepreneur not real sure of what you need
  2. The established business person ready to ramp up your business with focused copy and integrated marketing
  3. The “tire kicker” attempting to decide whether or not you really want to begin your own business

You also want to make money… or more money.

You long for the freedom to do and be who you want to be.

You need prospects to convert to buyers to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. To do this you must let your targeted prospects know you can help them fulfill their dreams. Whether you know it or not, you are in the dream fulfillment business.

How do you do this?

First, you need the message. What is it about your product or service which will move your prospect to dream fulfillment.

Second, you need a plan to deliver the message. There are numerous avenues available to you. If you haven’t yet downloaded my White Paper The Bare Necessities for an On-Line Marketing Campaign with Little Cash Outlay… Plus One, fill out the form on the right and you’ll receive it when you confirm your subscription to my blog.

Third, you need the words that focus on the message in the way that triggers them to say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want!” You want your words to speak to every aspect of the individual reading your message… especially their beliefs, emotions and values.

Fourth, you need to be clear about your vision, your passion and your determination to grow your business.

Fitting Your Message to Your Perfect Prospect

The person reading your message is a complex individual.

  • She has beliefs that color how she interprets what she reads.
  • He has fears that cause him to look at the world in a particular way.
  • She has that deep personal aspect of herself yearning to be and do something you may not know.
  • They both deeply desire to find something or someone to relieve their pain, fulfill their hopes and dreams and fend off what they fear most for themselves and their loved ones.

By sending a message which addresses their desires and needs, you give them the confidence to place their trust in you. They become willing to give you an opportunity to help them get what they most need. You do this by demonstrating that your product or service supports them mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically to achieve their dreams.

Cathy Chapman, PhD, Your Mind-Body Health Writer, partners with you. Together she clarifies your message, develops your plan and outlines your marketing strategy. If you need some coaching in moving beyond hidden roadblocks to success, she can assist you along the way. She will deliver the message by crafting the words of your marketing material in such a way as to grow your list, develop trust and turn prospects into customers.

If you want to be a success you need a comprehensive plan. Cathy Chapman has the experience, skill and knowledge to assist in moving you to prosperity.

Let’s get started.

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